Ms. EkbladMs. Ekblad has been with Millennium Academy for more than thirteen years. Ms. Ekblad graduated with honors from University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication Disorders and Disorders of the Hearing Impaired. She has recently completed the Masters program at the University of South Florida earning her Masters degree in Educating Children with varying abilities, including ASD and Gifted education. In her spare time, Ms. Ekblad enjoys creating jewelry through various mediums, and working with glass to create jewelry and other works of art.

Mr. FergusonMr. Ferguson holds an Associate in Arts degree from Pasco-Hernando Community College and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of South Florida. Mr. Ferguson has been a percussionist for 30 years and has received the “Sempre Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence” from the U.S. Marine Corps, the “John Phillips Sousa Band Award” and numerous superior ratings from the Florida Bandmasters Association. He is also a Drum Corps International World Championship finalist with the “Suncoast Sound” and has performed professionally in musical theater, studio recording and several bands. Mr. Ferguson also has over 15 years experience in web development, programming and computer repair. He holds certifications from Microsoft, FEMA and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Ferguson will be teaching Middle School Science, Language Arts, Percussion, and Drumline.

Ms. Fran LisiewskiMiss Fran Lisiewski

Over the years, Fran has become the heart of Millennium Academy because of all her many responsibilities. Dependable and trustworthy, Fran’s duties are not just limited to being an exceptional administrative assistant and gardening instructor. She is also known for her role as student advocate and parent/teacher liaison. Being the first point of contact at Millennium Academy, her friendly and patient demeanor have been an asset to this school, especially while giving tours to all prospective parents and students which she enjoys so much. She is very proud of all this school has to offer.

Because of her vast knowledge and passion for gardening, Fran has been given the opportunity to share her wisdom with those attending the school. The children are taught this amazing life skill which shows them the miracle of life and how precious our food supply is. Fran’s enthusiasm and proficiency have even encouraged the involvement of some of the parents. Nature is her game!

Fran is a true believer in the Millennium Academy’s mission and, along with all other faculty members, works very hard to bring it to life. Despite all she does in the office, the students are by far her main priority. Even when the kids are injured or not feeling well, Fran cares for them like she does her own children. You can always count on her for that extra TLC. Fran is a very important part of Millennium Academy and truly loved and appreciated by all.

Ms. WashingtonMs. Washington is a working actor, director, playwright and costume designer, as well as the director of theatre here at MA. She has been performing on stages throughout the Bay area, as well as her home state of Michigan, for 40 years. In 2014, named her the Best Costume Designer in Tampa Bay for her work with the Patel Conservatory production of The Tempest. Mrs. Washington holds a BA in Music Education with a concentration in voice and theatre from the University of Tampa.

Ms. AmandaMiss Amanda is graduate of the Biomedical Sciences Program at the University of South Florida. She spent two years at the University taking high level math courses (up to Calculus 3, and Differential Equations) and other engineering classes including Physics, Statics, Nanomedicine, as well as an Introduction to Biomedical Engineering. She has also attended classes on elementary literature.

A lifelong learner, Miss Amanda is always willing to try something new and is never afraid to stick with what works when needed. Ms. Amanda teaches the elementary children in such classes as E-1, Brain Benders, and Art. With her notable math skills, she also teaches Algebra to the middle and high school students.

One thing she enjoys very much is working with and training rescue dogs such as Chessie, who she adopted in December of 2013. Miss Amanda is rarely seen without her trusty rescued sidekick. Chessie serves the school by assisting in the classroom and helping students to reduce their anxiety, therefore improving their behavior. Chessie’s calming effect can be seen as soon as a frustrated child begins to pet her.

Mr. AddisonMr. Addison attended a two-year program at Marchman Technical Institute in which he studied Commercial Art. Later, he graduated with an Associates in Arts and Sciences degree from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale where he majored in Advertising Design and Photography. For the past 20 years, Mr. Addison’s experience includes working in a variety of areas in the fields of graphic and web design, and at one time even ran his own web/graphic design business and photography company specializing in weddings. His graphic design skills include creative development, company branding, and directing/designing the visual aesthetics of web, print, and multimedia applications.

Mr. GregoryMr. Gregory is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. After graduation, he obtained his Florida teaching certification and joined the faculty of Millennium Academy. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son and playing the guitar, piano, and banjo.