The gardening class will be very busy this year. Our hope is to experience the journey of the food and herbs we grow and the water we use to feed them with.

We will be able to track our food from the table to the scraps that we will be putting to very good use. We will be introducing composting on different levels with a composting barrel as well as vermicomposting – YES worms!!! On that note- family involvement will be very appreciated when it comes time to contribute to our composting barrel. We will be using various containers to plant with the hope to have a greenhouse to start plants with as well.

Please be aware that we will be using different gardening tools, and all students are asked to be very mindful of their surrounding and especially of those around us. I would also like to remind all students and parents that there will be occasion to get very sweaty and sometimes dirty shoes as we will be in the grass/dirt. Also, remember to put sunscreen on before coming to school as we will be outside for the majority of the class.