Performing Arts

Costume Design

Millennium Academy Costume Design 2016-2017

In this course, students will learn sewing and design terminology, care and maintenance of sewing machines, basic sewing techniques, design and Dzrepurposingdz. We will begin with basic sewing and design skills and students will progress at their own pace. Students will be required to purchase their own fabric and patterns for individual sewing projects. All attempts will be made to keep costs low for each project. Signing up for coupons at Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby is suggested, as well as downloading those stores apps.

Dance students will gain skills and knowledge of basic dance forms, history, and choreographic principles. By the end of the year, students will have performed in dances, learned about various forms of dance, and created their own dances based on what they have learned about musicality, movement, and cultural and historical context.
In this course, students will learn theatre terminology for the stage, acting, directing, and technical aspects of production. Much of the course content will be studied through active, hands-on projects. Students will learn to do acting warm-ups, improvisations, monologues, and two-, three, and four-person scenes. Performances and some selected in-class work may be video-recorded for analysis and evaluation. Students will read and analyze scenes and plays. They will write brief scenes based on short stories, parts of novels, and/or their own inspiration. Finally, students will research artists in the theatre and attend and review at least one live performance per semester.


Drive, Discipline, Drumline!
Millennium Academy Drumline offers students an opportunity to learn and perform the percussive arts. The Drumline performs at various functions throughout the year including school events, local events and parades and the annual Drumline Show. Students learn the art of marching percussion in the fall and move to a more theatrical mode in the spring.

Admission to the Millennium Academy Drumline is by audition only.

In this course, students will begin to explore the skills used in musical theatre: singing and vocal techniques, dance and stage movement, acting, characterization, memorization and audition skills. Students will be required to audition for our Winter production, DzYes, Virginia the Musicaldz. All elementary students will be required to participate in this production, either on stage or in the Dzrent of housedz. Students will also have the opportunity to audition for ensemble roles in our Spring production, DzShrek the Musicaldz
Thespian SocietyThe International Thespian Society (ITS) is an drama organization for high-school theatre students. It is a division of the Educational Theatre Association. [1] There is also a Jr. International Thespian Society (or Jr. ITS) for Middle School in grades 6-8. A few famous alumni include Tom Hanks, Val Kilmer, James Marsters, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Stephen Schwartz. [2] Festivals are held annually at the district, state and national levels. Each June the International Thespian Festival is held at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. [3][4] [5] Membership currently stands at approximately 100,000 student members across 3,900 schools.

Upcoming Shows:

Cinderella Auditions January 18 & 19

*Show dates April 13 & 14

What In The Dickens Happened To Scrooge- Rehersal

Elementary Family Day Performance